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Show access for children 3 and under is free when sitting on guardians’ laps and not occupying a seat.

Single Ticket Ages 4 and over
Superpass Includes show, park play and Obstacle course (min height of 1m tall)
Kids Ages 3 and under

Kids Will Be Up and Dancing!

Award-winning musician and irrepressible entertainer Marian Burns as she performs songs from her 6th album release, this being her first children’s album – “Songs for Kids”!
With 30 years of experience working as a primary / Intermediate school music teacher and conducting choirs of 500 kids at the annual APPA concert event held at Auckland Town Hall, Marian has brought her sense of fun, her bubbly personality and her extensive knowledge of how children learn through music to this exciting new project. While creating these fresh, new songs for kids, she has also invited her young students to participate and perform the songs along with her on this album, ensuring that all children can confidently sing along. With songs like “Worm Farm”, Bubbles and Bubbles”, “Go Go Nana” and “Pirates Off To Sea”, there will be plenty of giggles for the whole family, as well as songs like, “Beautiful Soldier” and “Nurses of ANZAC” that honor our history and begin conversations for parents and grandparents to share with the next generation.

Be prepared to sing, clap, dance, learn and laugh along with Marian Burns and her “Songs for Kids”!

Superpass Ticket Price Includes FREE park and obstacle access to ticket holders on the same day!