Your Name:

Stephanie Sharp

A Little Bit About Me:

I’m 23 years old and was born and raised in Auckland. I have been acting since a young age and am trained for both screen and musical theatre with experience in both. I am also a qualified makeup artist & hairstylist, specialising in wigs and makeup for theatre.

The Character I Play and Why I Love Playing Them:

I play ‘Tam the Elf’ in ‘A Very Gloomy Holiday’. I’ve always loved Christmas – it’s my favorite time of year – so obviously, playing a Christmas elf is a lot of fun. I love that Tam is bubbly, carefree & enthusiastic. She acts upon impulse rather than strategy or logic, so she is a lot like me in many ways.


Rehearsals are a lot of fun. It’s great being able to work with a group of such talented, wonderful friends and in such a collaborative environment. New ideas or ways of approaching certain things are always welcomed and encouraged. It’s also been awesome for me to watch the puppeteers at work as that’s something I have no previous experience in. ”

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