You can now purchase and send Whoa! Studios Gift Cards easily online!  Give your loved one, friend, colleague a gift of joyful time with family or friends.  Valid for 1 year from purchase, a Whoa! Studios Gift card can be used to purchase Shows, Park passes or items from our Doodle Toy Store! It’s a great way to show your love, thanks or holiday spirit from near or far.

Our shows typically range in price from 15-$25pp, so we have some preselected values for you to choose from or select another amount of your choosing.    Preselected values are $25, $50, or $100 or select one to suit your needs.  Best of all you will be able to tailor a special message to your recipient before sending your gift to them.  Once finalised, an email will be immediately sent along with your message to the designated recipient.  Or if you prefer to give your gift in person, email it to yourself to print recipient.

Valid for purchases for Shows ticketed through our website, Park Passes, or purchases from the Doodle Toy Store, the Whoa! Gift Cards are sure to provide a smile and happy memory for your loved one.


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