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18 March 2019
19 March 2019
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24 March 2019

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Live Stage  “Custard’s World: MISSION CONTROL KIDS” as seen on heihei!

Everytime we’ve been it’s been amazing, today was the first time for the show experience as we wonderfully won tickets and it didn’t disappoint, we also enjoyed a very yummy affordable lunch, kids played in the played ground for hours and very much enjoyed the delicious selection of ice creams.” – Helen

“We had an awesome day here today. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. The food was great and the activities for the kids was good fun for all ages. Very well done 10 / 10”  – Shelly


SUPERPASS: Includes Show, and all day Park and Inflatables access – Just $29*

SENIORS SUPERPASS – from $15-$17.50**

SHOW & Park- Online from $15- $25* 

Park Access Only (No Show) – $10 per child

Inflatables All Day Access $10 per person

*Show access for Children 3 and under is free when sitting on guardians lap and not occupying a seat
*Includes FREE park access to child ticket holders on the same day
**Only valid for Gold Card Holders


Welcome to our state of the art main stage, where we present our live show experience. It is home to “The Treehouse”, a movie set built by the set builders who brought us Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit. With advanced digital projection and a sound system to shake the walls, your family will be immersed in an unforgettable live show experience.




Deeper inside Whoa! Studios is our working studio stage. Stage 1 is complete with advanced green and blue screen facilities, it also houses one of New Zealand’s only motion control camera systems. Specifically designed for advanced filming of puppetry, miniatures and live action, Stage 1 is where we are bringing Custard’s World – The Movie to life.

Stage 1 will also be the home to many of the Whoa! Workshops, coming in 2017.


Whoa! Studios is proud to invest into the future of New Zealand’s film and television industry with our engaging educational experiences. These will be provided throughout the year and will cover a wide range of studio activities in an accessible format for young New Zealanders.

Our talented team of artists, story writers, world builders, cinematographers, puppeteers, actors and prop makers will present small group formats to create interesting and engaging opportunities to learn more about a wide variety of elements that make up a working studio.

Workshop times and prices will be updated on our studio bookings calendar as each workshop is developed. Our first workshops were available in April 2017.