Custard's World

Selling Now – All New live show experience!
adapted from Season 1 of
Custard’s World:  Mission Control Kids


The town of Doodle is a buzz with excitement as the Annual Talent Quest D-Factor Finale approaches.  Custard’s crew are cheering on Buzz and Jazz as they perform their acts….but they suspect Dr. Gloom will do his best to spoil the day – and they are right.  Luckily young inventor Brianna has tapped into a secret spy network – Mission Control Kids – designed to keep the world safe from Super-Villains! Become a deputy spy to help Custard, Brianna and the rest of the crew stop Dr. Gloom!


An all new 45-minute long Custard’s World adventure featuring original music, visual effects and new characters from the Mission Control Kid’s series.
Suited for all ages!

*Designed for all ages. Parental guidance for under 5s due to loud, silly noises and a villain with a big nose!

Watch Season 1 of Custard’s World Mission Control Kids – on HEIHEI from the 6 October 2018



29th September 2018




All ages*


David Sutherland


Jon Coddington, Adam Fresco, Kelly Gilbride, Terry Hooper, Rebekah Head, Paul Lewis


David Sutherland, Nick Garrett

Created By

David Sutherland

Adapted for stage By

Russ King, Terry Hooper, Jon Codington


Terry Hooper


Russ King. Samantha Tran


Adam Fresco

“Every detail of Custard’s World has been painstakingly crafted to create a new and exciting universe. I’m excited to see these charming characters and their stories brought to life.”

Lead performer for the 
Muppets and Sesame Street
The most fun I’ve had since writing Wallace & Gromit

BAFTA award winning writer
Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit
I love you Jazz

Evie Hooper, Age 5
WOW… what a spectacular day it was today at Whoa Studios, the show was fantastic for young & old amazing!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH…

with Dani Noyer and Hannah Nancarrow
We had the most amazing day at Whoa Studios, everything – EVERYTHING – every little thing ……. was ah-mazing.  The food was soooo exquisite, the play (pantomime? show?) was so funny and entertaining and the playmat amazing.

Paula Burgess
“OMG! You so have to go to see A Very Gloomy Holidays! at Whoa Studios!!!! … the set, show and characters are fantastic!Great for kids of all ages – live action, video and characters like the cool Buzz and the gorgeous Jazz. You and your kids will love it!!!I do!!! It’s like being on set in Hollywood!!! in Henderson!!!”

Suzy Cato (Mum and TV presenter of Suzy's World and You and Me)
“Whoa Studios’ is a brilliant family destination and their live stage show, A Very Gloomy Holidays! was amazing! The kids were squealing with laughter and joining in with the ‘panto-style’ shouts of the audience xxx”

Sheryl Burson (Mum and founder of
“Whoa! Studios really was a pleasure to visit. Whoa! is refreshingly different.I enjoyed everything but from the perspective of a parent looking to return.Really good food, drink and snacks was wonderful.The crochet climbing net was fantastic and kept the little beasts occupied for hours.The show appealed at all age levels too. Great stuff!”

Huon Butterworth (Dad)
“Whoa Studios is awesome and the show was fantastic! Great place to take kids! Awesome local entertainment!”

Johanna Hatcher (Mum)
“Whoa! Studios is just MARVELOUS. Everyone go!”

Grae Burton (Dad and Producer)
“Have just seen the best children’s theatre I’ve ever experienced. Huge congratulations must go to everyone involved – the production values, integrity and sheer delight in this place are so refreshingly beautiful. It is indeed a WHOA experience!! You guys were phenomenal. Well done, well done, well done.”

Hanna Von Randow (Springsouth Actors Agency)
“Go West for lots of fun at Whoa! A Very Gloomy Holidays! combines state-of-the-art 3D mapping and projection technology with puppetry, video and digital effects with live performers, slapstick, puns and catchy songs… staged on a real-life film set.”

Dionne Christian, NZ Herald (Saturday 17 December 2016)
“Whoa! studios – so much fun & colour! And a wonderful, live on stage, multimedia family show: A Very Gloomy Holidays!”

Carol Petrie (PRPVFX: Visual Effects for Film & Television,  Auckland)
“Sophia took her family to the opening of Whoa Studios here in Auckland. This place is out of control! Incredible interactive playground, outstanding restaurant and cafe with the most amazing ice creams you will ever have, the cutest toy shop BUT most of all a world class studio where we witnessed the show A Very Gloomy Holidays! This show was all performed with puppets and was outstanding! Wow what an experience! We are so lucky to have Whoa Studios in Auckland!
I highly recommend you your family go these holidays!”

Peaches & Pickle Performing Arts / Green Door Youth Theatre
“Was lucky enough to get a sneaky peak at Whoa! Studios and A Very Gloomy Holidays! This show is pretty cool, and you really need to come and see it to believe it! Such hard work has obviously gone in to not only the show but the place as a whole. If you’re in Auckland go check the shows out!”

Jessica Brien (actress, Wellington)


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Custard's World - Mission Control Kids

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Custard's World Mission Control Kids
Custard's World - Mission Control Kids

24 February 201910:30am

Custard's World See the live show experience adapted from Custard’s World:  Mission Control Kids on HEIHEI It's the town of Doodle's annual talent quest, D-Factor! It's a big day for Buzz and Jazz as they prepare to perform.  Custard suspects Dr. Gloom won't pass up an opportunity to somehow spoil his friend's big moment!  Become a deputy spy to help Custard, Brianna and the rest of the crew stop Dr. Gloom from ruining the D-Factor Finale! Experience the music, gags, and character 's of Custard's World Mission Control Kids - live on stage! 45-minute Live Experience Recommended for children of all ages.

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SHOW – Walk Up $29*

SHOW – Online $25*

Back Stage Tour – Extra $4

Park Access Only (No Show) – $10 per child

*Children 3 and under are free when sitting on guardians lap and not occupying a seat
*Includes FREE park access to child ticket holders on the same day





Played By Jon Coddington


Played By Rebekah Head


Played By Paul Lewis


Played By Terry Hooper


Played By Adam Fresco


Played By Paul Lewis


Played By Himself


As Themselves


As Himself