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Dates: April 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd 23rd and 24th

Workshop Ticket Price includes all materials

Be bold, be brave and don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself! Dr. Gloom isn’t!

This fun and engaging workshop run by our very own Dr. Gloom (Terry Hooper), is excellent for beginners through to seasoned drama class child actors. Instead of starting with the script to learn the character, we will start with the body- the physicality of a character. We will focus on different centres of gravity, observing others’ movement patterns, inner rhythm, emotional reasoning behind different movement patterns and how that forms a character.
Participants will walk away with their imaginations sparked and a wider understanding of how to bring a character to life through movement.

Educator: Terry Hooper, Whoa! Director and Performer, Aka. Dr. Gloom