Meet the Creatives – Adam Fresco

Meet the Creatives – Adam Fresco

What is your role in the team?

As Producer, my role is to bring Custard’s World, its characters and stories, to life on screen and live on stage. To this end I produce, write, direct and act in shows for both live and recorded performances.

How did you get involved in your role?

I’ve been writing and performing, directing and creating short films and live shows since I was knee-high-to-Kea. After many years working professionally in theatre and television, joining the team at Whoa! was a great way to combine all my past experience in creating a show for stage and screen.

What do you enjoy most about working at Whoa Studios?

No day is the same! Variety being the spice of life, it’s fun to direct one day, write the next, produce and act the next. It never gets dull or predictable and, with so much to do, it never gets boring.

Who is your favourite character at Whoa?

Whoever is Barista in The Grounds that day. I love my coffee! Or did you mean who’s my favourite Custard’s World character? I guess I’d have to say Colin, as I play and created him, but I have a big soft spot for another character I created, Mr Tibbles. He’s a cat character I created and has been wonderfully brought to life as a puppet by Paul Lewis, who made and operates him. I still get a kick out of imagining characters like Colin and Tibbles, writing for them and then seeing them brought to life on stage and screen. 

What is your favourite dish at The Grounds?

The coffee. By far! Do they serve coffee in a dish? Because they should!

If you could spend the rest of your life doing anything in the world, what would you do?

I love writing and directing, so as long as I’m doing those and being creative, I’m happy.

If Custard and the Gang asked for your help to set up a booby-trap for Gloom, what would you build?

A Splat-O-Matic-Octo-Tangling-Boom-Cracker… I’ve no idea what that is, I only just made it up, but I’d bet we’d have some fun figuring out what it looks like and how it works to trash poor old Dr. Gloom!



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Meet our Creative Team – COMING SOON

Meet our Creative Team – COMING SOON

The wonderful Creative Team here at Whoa! Studios would like to introduce themselves. Find out more about how the magic happens from Whoa to go!


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