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Creating for Kids

Workshops and Holiday Activities


The Whoa Performing Arts Trust is on a mission to inspire our next generation of creatives. Who’ll be the next Taika Waititi? Russell Crowe? Bret McKenzie or Jemaine Clement? Rose McIver or KJ Apa?

We love helping kids to explore their talents and we’ve created a safe and welcoming space to do just that!  We work with professional experts to curate a range of activities and workshops that are the right pace for learning and exploring.  We want to ensure each offering provides scope for your child to cultivate their artistic spirit and skills!  Early exploration into the creative arts is a great way to build confidence and a solid sense of self!  These programmes will help ignite your childs interest in the arts and help to sustain our future creative community.

Here’s what’s on for these holidays! Feel free you have any comments, suggestions or questions please email us at