Reviews Article

Reviews Article

“A Must See!!! Fantastic Family Day Out!!” – 6 May 2017
Have just spent the day at ‘Whoa! Studios’ with 2 x 5-year-old boys and a 3-year-old girl. We all had an amazing day. The stage show ‘Gloomio’ was great, as was the food in the restaurant. And the playground kept the kids entertained for ages. Highly recommend, and will definitely return here 🙂 – 5 Stars

“Lunch and playtime” – 13 Mar 2017
We went to check out this relatively new attraction. The play area is small but really well done and different. The Whoa Web is superb fun! Probably suits 5-10-year-olds best but the 20-month-old we had along had a great time. We were also interested in the cafe, which didn’t disappoint! At weekends they have a show as well but we didn’t plan for that with the little one. – 5 Stars

“Awesome child-friendly foodies heaven” – 11 Mar 2017
Whoa Studios has nailed child-friendly with sophisticated adult friendly food and service. Our grandchildren were delighted with the playground and we loved the beautifully crafted food. The service was delightful and I was amazed by the care taken to make this a great family venue. – 5 Stars

“After 8.5 years of being too overwhelmed by the darkness, crowds, and noise of theater shows, Livvy overcame the difficulties today. A huge thank you to Whoa Studios for a fantastic show. The Doods Dance Show was fantastic!!!! If you are in Auckland YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!”


Esther Shimmin (Mother)

“Whoa! Studios really was a pleasure to visit. Whoa! is refreshingly different. I enjoyed everything but from the perspective of a parent looking to return. Really good food, drink and snacks were wonderful. 
The crochet climbing net was fantastic and kept the little beasts occupied for hours. The show appealed at all age levels too. Great stuff!”

Huon Butterworth (Father)

“Both my kids really love it, and both participated in the show. Even Miss 6 who is usually very reserved…Thank you for the amazing work you guys do.”

Edna Yong (Mother)

“OMG! You so have to go to see A Very Gloomy Holidays! at Whoa Studios!!!! … the set, show and characters are fantastic! Great for kids of all ages – live action, video and characters like the cool Buzz and the gorgeous Jazz. You and your kids will love it!!! I do!!! It’s like being on set in Hollywood!!! in Henderson!!!”
Suzy Cato (Mum and TV presenter of Suzy’s World and You and Me)

The girls loved the show it was great to see it all come to life 🙂
It’s quite magical experience walking through the studio doors at Whoa studios It certainly woke the inner child within me. I can’t wait to get back and check out another show not to mention the fabulous Restaurant.
Shelton Woolright (I Am Giant, X Factor)

Whoa! Studios is just MARVELOUS. Everyone go!”
Grae Burton (Dad and Producer)

“Go West for lots of fun at Whoa! A Very Gloomy Holidays! combines state-of-the-art 3D mapping and projection technology with puppetry, video and digital effects with live performers, slapstick, puns and catchy songs… staged on a real-life film set.”
Dionne Christian, NZ Herald

“This morning I got a personal guided tour through this amazing place. Was trying to be professional and keep my inner muppet loving 5-year-old quiet, but I’m pretty sure Producer Adam Fresco could see how wide-eyed childish I was becoming with each incredible concept that laid on me. It opens in December and is guaranteed to blow the minds of children of all ages. Part amusement park, part theatre, part Wonka chocolate factory, with full world-class facilities and production studios. What a truly mind-blowing way to start my day! :)”

From Steve Austin, who recently toured Whoa!…

“Highly recommended. A Very Gloomy Holidays! is an outstanding show with an amazing set and characters. Very similar to a themed show you would see in Disneyland here in our own backyard.”Stephen Dallow (Drama Tutor, Auckland)

Stephen Dallow (Drama Tutor, Auckland)



Open to the public Saturday December 17

The countdown is on till we open. There is plenty of activity here on site and we are so excited to open our doors to the general public on Saturday the 17th of December.
Make sure you like us on Facebook to ensure you get first access to tickets. Custard’s World – A Very Gloomy Holiday will have four sessions throughout the day with a complimentary hour ticket to our incredible urban playground that includes – The Whoa! Zone, Whoa Web! and our Bootcamp Xtreme (weather permitting).
The grounds will be open to ensure no one goes hungry, offering a range of delicious food offerings from their Modern Family Eatery.
We look forward to meeting you all and helping us achieve our goal of one million smiles.

Performer’s Diary

Performer’s Diary

The incredible performers of Whoa! Studios – Terry, Adam, Rebekah, Paul, Jon and Steph will be regularly sharing their diaries with us. Keeping us up to date with all the fun they are having while preparing for our first Custard’s World show – A Very Gloomy Holiday.

A new diary entry from one performer will be posted each week. If you have any questions you would like to ask them, please feel free to post your query in the comment section.

Thomas’ Wish – May The Force Be With You

Thomas’ Wish – May The Force Be With You

Thomas’ Wish – May The Force Be With You

Prior to opening to the General Public on December 17th last year, we had the honour of sharing the magic of our creation with the Make a Wish Foundation with a celebration of their 30th Birthday. On May the 4th we helped a very special boy named Thomas feel the Force with a Star Wars themed treasure hunt. Check out this awesome video of his day.

To help us spread smiles to more groups like this, please visit our Give a Little page here. If you would like to create or sponsor a community event and would like to discuss with us how to create some magic, please email us.

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