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Quick Details

General Admission All Ages with exception of children under 1 • Kids all receive park passes with admission.
Seniors over 65's
Multi-Album Artist Claudia Robin Gunn joins us for 2 shows, 24th & 26th April! Don’t Miss it.

Claudia’s Animal Dance Party features the most energetic songs from Claudia’s latest 4 albums! This engaging show will have both parents and children singing and dancing along to Claudia Robin Gunn’s educational and entertaining tunes. Join us as every child becomes a shining star, bouncing with bunnies, running with rhinos, discoing with sharks, and sparkling with fireflies. It’s time to learn and groove!

Ticket Price Includes FREE park access to child ticket holders on the same day!

About the Artist

Songs for children that parents love too.

From learning songs for littles to fun family jams and soothing lullabies, Claudia creates music about all the seasons of childhood. Nature’s rhythms from the garden to the ocean, growing up with kindness and values, and why exactly a parent must never tear down a living room fort on the day it was made.

In Claudia’s collections, listeners will find melodies for the most critical audience of all: children and the grown-ups who care for them.

This is music for kids that engages their curiosity, emotions, and zest for life and also doesn’t drive their parents bonkers. Music for learning, playing, dancing, and quiet times. Carried on warm, uplifting harmonies, her songs are like a warm hug in sound that sets imaginations free.